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Client Testimonials

" I can confirm that The Warmfront Team have been working in partnership with WHG, organising and delivering Cavity Wall & Loft insulation with the Government’s grant funding insulation scheme. To date insulation installation & upgrades to approximately 921 lofts and 1095 cavities have been completed. Included with the work, we have received approximately 554 CIGA certificates and 165 EPR’s for our records.

Customer satisfaction of these works has been very high and we have been very pleased with the excellent correspondence and smooth running of these contracts. "

Mr Nick Benton

Planner (Policy & Programmes)




" Trident Social Investment Group has been working with The Warmfront Team for over 18 months, and during that time we have developed an excellent working relationship. I have found the team to be highly professional, efficient and very easy to work with. They have responded quickly to requests for help, and have delivered all work ahead of schedule. There is evidently an enthusiasm for the work and a commitment to good customer service, and they have liaised effectively face to face with our customers. "

I look forward to continuing to work with The Warmfront Team and have no hesitation recommending them.

Chris Thomas (Ms)

Energy and Sustainability Officer

Trident Social Investment Group



‘Optima Community Association has been working with The Warmfront Team to deliver cavity and solid wall insulation through ECO funding.  They have managed to work to extremely tight deadlines and have delivered work swiftly and efficiently, with no detriment to customer service, in the process.  There has been good customer satisfaction, minimal disruption for residents and we are very satisfied with the results.’

Bernadette McCullagh

Sustainability Officer

Optima Community Association



"The Accord Group have been working in partnership with the Warm Front Team for a period of 6 months. During this period of time we have developed an excellent working relationship to enable us to achieve the highest possible standard for our project delivery. The level of enthusiasm and support from the Warm Front Team has ensured our customers received the best possible customer service experience."

Accord Group


"We have worked with Warmfront Team since 2011, carrying out loft and cavity wall insulation, using ECO funding via an agreement with Eon. The team are highly efficient and have enthusiastically pursued improving the insulation levels of our properties and therefore helping our customers benefit form improved energy efficient homes."

Nigel Gosling

Senior Contracts Manager

Investment Delivery Team - North