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What happens during a survey?

When the surveyor arrives:

A home energy efficiency survey is carried out by one of our qualified domestic energy surveyors. They will arrive in a Warmfront Van and be wearing Warmfront uniform, and more importantly they will always have an ID badge. The badge will have their name, photograph and ID number. If you are unsure about who they are, you can call our customer service helpline on 0800 032 8322

If you have booked your survey on-line or over the phone, the surveyor will arrive at a previously arranged time. You may also meet one of our surveyors as they go from door to door in the afternoon or evening — again, ask to see their ID badge and call us if you have any concerns.

What does a survey involve?

It depends which products you are interested in;

If you are interested in loft insulation, the surveyor will need to climb up into your loft and take a few measurements — they will arrive with their own ladders and equipment. This takes around 10 minutes. If your loft is suitable for free insulation, the surveyor will arrange with you a time for the installer to come and fit the insulation.

If you are interested in cavity wall insulation, the surveyor will need to drill a few small holes in your walls, and carry out a few checks to determine if you have insulation already and if your walls are suitable for insulating. The holes will be filled when they are finished, and will be barely noticeable. Again, they will arrive with their own drills and equipment, and will book a time for the contractor to come and install the insulation if necessary. Inspecting your cavity walls can take up to 30 minutes.

If you are interested in external wall insulation, the surveyor will need to check your external walls, take measurements and make notes of things like the positions of drainpipes, TV aerials, fixings and so on. An external wall survey can take slightly longer than a loft or cavity survey, depending on the size of your house.

To book a FREE survey contact our customer service team on 0800 032 8322