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Case Studies

Case Study: Mr & Mrs Singh

Name: Mr & Mrs Singh

Products Installed: Loft Insulation,Cavity Wall Insulation

The Singhs own a three bedroom detached house in Sutton Coldfield. They had looked into getting their home insulated in the past and had approached other companies before finally choosing The Warmfront Team. They found out that although their loft was insulated, it wasn’t up to the recommended level.

Annual Saving: £180

What made you decide to use The Warmfront Team?

“We were impressed with the young man who approached us. He was very courteous, answered all our concerns and he managed to arrange an installation date very soon after the survey. The company’s name hit a chord with us too, as we believe in the Green issues that the government are addressing.”

“The surveyor quickly ascertained that we would be able to benefit from Cavity Wall insulation and Loft insulation. Their friendly office staff called us that week and arranged convenient times for both services, and we received a confirmation letter the next day.”

The Warmfront Team arranged to have their loft insulation topped up and cavity wall insulation installed — saving the Singh family approximately £180 a year in energy bills.

What did you think of the installation?

“The Cavity wall installers were good humoured for an 8am start. Apart from some drilling noise they were no trouble at all – we barely noticed they were there. They also filled in the drill holes so that you can hardly notice them.”

The Loft insulation guys arrived early and were also good humoured and polite. They were done in less than a couple of hours. Both sets of workman left no mess.”

How would you sum up your experience?

“The home is less draughty, and definitely warmer. Our bills have reduced by about £20 a month, so we’re really pleased about that. We were so happy to know that we are not only saving the environment, but saving money at the same time.”

“I would have no hesitation to recommend The Warmfront Team to anyone. Their professionalism, quality service and workmanship were excellent.”