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NIA supports increased insulation rollout


The National Insulation Association (NIA) is calling on homeowners across the UK  to arrange assessments of their property, as many remain woefully under-insulated at present.

According to the NIA, there are at present more than five million residential properties up and down the country that could benefit from the installation of cavity wall insulation to help homeowners both decrease their monthly outgoings, as well as improving their overall levels of sustainability and cutting emissions.

Meanwhile, there are seven million homes in need of loft insulation, with both of these measures providing a considerable boost to green credentials for Brits.

Neil Marshall, chief executive of the NIA, commented: "Insulation is the most cost effective way householders can save on their energy bills with savings of up to £250 per year from cavity wall insulation and loft insulation can also save up to £250 per year. 

"We are urging householders to contact an NIA member to find out if their home requires additional insulation and for details of help with paying for insulation measures."

Mr Marshall's calculations are based on findings by the Energy Saving Trust and relate to a standard detached gas-heated three-bedroom house, with an 81 per cent efficient gas boiler and average gas tariff of 4.21p/kWh and electricity tariff of 13.52 p/kWh.

Earlier this month, the NIA also highlighted the need for the greater uptake of solid wall insulation in homes that are deemed hard-to-treat through more traditional energy efficiency methods.

Indeed, Mr Marshall noted the typical property that could benefit from this type of insulation installation could see savings on average in excess of £400 a year on their bills.

Overall, the NIA is keen to see as many people as possible benefit from the present range of green grants and deals being offered by both the government and local authorities across the UK, so it therefore makes sense for homeowners to act now while this money is still available.

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