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Scammers cash in on the Green Deal - a warning for The Warmfront Team

green deal

The Warmfront Team are warning householders to be wary of fraudsters who are looking to cash in on the governments Green Deal scheme. Our advice is to always use a reputable company like The Warmfront Team as there are a number of dishonest companies looking to cash in on vunerable homeowners.

Fraudsters are trying to use the government’s flagship energy efficiency scheme Green Deal to con households out of their hard-earned cash. It’s reported that in some cases, scammers are getting away with up to £500.

Citizens Advice have found that seven in 10 consumer queries they receive regarding the Green Deal are actually about scams.

More than half of people caught out by these scams are contacted out of the blue, either over the phone or by door to door sales, and offered thousands of pounds worth of home improvements for free.

Citizens Advice has found that victims are losing up to £500 after being convinced to pay a fee for an assessment that never goes ahead or, if it does, the company then doesn’t get in touch to do the work.

Upon asking for their money back, victims are then asked to provide their bank details for the assessment fee to be refunded only to find more money is taken from their account without their permission.

Citizens Advice Chief Executive Gillian Guy said:

“The Green Deal is at risk of being undermined by fake firms. With energy prices up by 33% since 2010, households are looking for ways to save money on their bills. Opportunistic tricksters are lining their pockets by ripping-off people who are trying to cut the cost of heating and lighting their home."

The Warmfront Team is focussed on excellent customer service and has a long history of providing quality insulation services, see our testimonials page here. We are dismayed by the cowboys and fraudsters who are trying to con decent hard working people.

If you have any concerns or would like to deal with a company who you can trust contact us on 0800 032 8322


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